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10, 20 and 30 Hour Plans would be good for someone who just needs somebody to do small tasks. For individuals, it could be for things like finding gifts for someone, booking travel arrangements, creating flyers, etc. For business owners, it could be for things like creating presentations, checking email/voice mail and small administrative tasks for the business.

40, 50 and 60 Hour Plans would be good for someone who needs a little more help than the smaller plans. For individuals, it would be like having a personal assistant. For example, you need to find a job and would like us to search for one for you on a daily basis. For business owners, at this level you have big projects that you would like us to do; administrative tasks daily, creating big presentations, creating events etc. *This is the most used tier by business owners.

80, 90, 100 and 120 Hour Plans would typically be good for someone who needs help on a regular basis. This would also be good for someone who often has extended projects that provide steady work, but may only need our services on an occasional basis. For individuals an example might be having us help you research your family tree for an extensive genealogy project you have been tasked with. For business owners an example would be organizing and executing an annual client interaction package. These projects will generally take some time, but when they are complete you may not have a need for our services for a month or more.

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